Donald Trump as an Englishman Is Incredible

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2015 has given us many things. But nothing has been as nefarious as Donald Trump and his campaign of toupees and testosterone-fuelled hate speeches. It’s been pretty entertaining for the most part, if you have been willing to suspend your disbelief. And you know what else? Part of the fun has been the fallout from the ludicrous things he’s said. And. All. Of. The. Memes. One of the best reactions to Trump’s ludicrousness has just been released by British comedian Peter Serafinowicz, who has taken his imitation skills to a new level.

Donald Trump as an Englishman

In this incredible video clip, Donald Trump is dubbed over with an aristocratic British accent. And you know what, it actually works. He actually sounds like he could be a classic west London Tory, don’t you think? What makes it especially good is that a big part Trump’s allure is his nasal, droning voice. He clearly values himself as an orator of the highest calibre, so to see his over-rehearsed rants reduced to an inoffensive version of the Queen’s English really tickles us.

‘What if Donald Trump had elocution lessons?’ Serafinowicz joked in the description of one YouTube clip, which had 650,000 views as of Monday.

Donald Trump to be Banned?

Donald Trump as an englishman
Donald Trump speaks during the National Rifle Association’s annual meeting in Nashville, Tennessee April 10, 2015. REUTERS/Harrison McClary

Another reason that Serafinowicz jabbing at Donald Trump is so funny is that there was recently a petition calling to ban the feathery haired one from entering the UK. The petition has, as of tonight, attracted 600,000 signatures, which means that it necessitates a response from the Government on how it’s going to deal with the Trump. Even better than that was his recent jibe about some parts of London being shut off to police, as they’re owned by Islamic extremists. Which is obviously a figment of his otherworldly imagination.

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