Watch Nude Dancers Perform With Just Drones To Preserve Their Modesty

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There’s no doubt in our mind that 2015 has been the year of the drone. Not only have there been endless drone viral videos, but the U.S. has even had to drawn up a whole rafter of drone rules.

With that in mind, this next step is hardly surprising: Japanese fashion brand Buyma have taken the drone obsession to the next level by creating a unique drone dance. Made up of naked ballet dancers and a host of unmanned aerial vehicles, the result is seriously hypnotic.

Naked Drone Dance: The Low-Down

In the video, titled ‘A Kind Drone’, dancers pirouette and stretch across the stage to the rousing tones of a modern-day Nutcracker tune. At the same time, drones manoeuvre around tiny sheets of paper to strategically cover certain – ahem – areas at the right moment. It’s done unbelievably well, with no nip/dick slips throughout (believe me, we’ve checked). While some have suggested that some of the drones are computer generated, it’s hard to deny that it is a modern-day stroke of genius (Although, to be fair, Austin Powers did sort of beat them to it with their 1997 Spy Who Shagged Me routine. #Justsayin’)

Drone dance: Did they get inspiration from Austin Powers?

(Sorry if that’s put you off your lunch a bit.)

Looks a bit familiar? Yep. It’s not the first time that drones have been used to spice up dance routines. In 2014, Cirque du Soleil partnered with Verity Studios in order to create a short film. Featuring drones moving in sync with dancers, the result was actually rather beautiful:

PLEASE let this be the new trend for 2016. We could definitely get used to seeing more of these stunning videos.

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