Watch The Spectacular Results of Flying Drones Through Fireworks

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With drones topping Christmas lists the world over, it’s about time that people got a bit creative with them. I mean, it’s all well and good making a Homemade Drone Helicopter or naked dancers performing with just Drones To Preserve Their Modesty. But if we’re going to allow these mini-copters to take over our skies, we should at least get something good at the end of it.

Enter this new craze of drones flying through fireworks. At first it doesn’t sound that interesting because, well, we’ve all seen fireworks, right? But these spectacular drone videos from all over the world bring an extra dimension to the colourful sky poppers. Just look at the kinds of shots these drones capture!

Drones flying through fireworks

We basically regressed to small children, all wide-eyed and full of glee, as we made our way through these videos. And, let’s face it, watching these incredible videos from the comfort of our own home is far preferable to being stuck out in the cold.

Tiny Mini Explosions in Peru

Ever wondered what it would be like to fly through the fireworks at midnight on New Year’s Eve? This video, taken from a great height, shows all the mini firework displays all over Lima in Peru. Spectacular doesn’t cover it. It’s mind-blowing.