Ed Sheeran Offered $2 Private Gigs And Hardly Anyone Turned Up

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He’s one of the biggest music stars on the planet, and tickets for his shows usually sell out in seconds. So why, when Ed Sheeran offered private shows for just $2 per person, did no one turn up for over two hours?

It may have been something to do with the marketing strategy, to be fair. The show was billed as a ’30-second Ed Sheeran peep show’ which sounds dodgier than anything we’ve ever seen on the streets. But, luckily, it was all just one big stunt for a sketch alongside Australian comedy duo Hamish and Andy.

Fancy taking a glimpse of Ed Sheeran for $2?
Credit: Hamish and Andy

Fancy a Peep at Ed Sheeran?

The premise was simple: Ed Sheeran was sitting in a small room, on a stall, behind a curtain. Hamish, one half of the comedy duo, was outside in disguise, trying to pull customers in. After paying $2 per person, people would be welcomed in, and the curtains would part – to show Ed Sheeran singing one of his best-loved tracks for 30 seconds.

Generally, if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. But, in this instance, it really was as epic as it sounded. But, sadly, only a handful of people actually decided to take Hamish up on the deal of the century.

The video itself is actually pretty hilarious. Have a look here:

The Results of the Experiment

Despite Hamish yelling out things like, “Got Ed Sheeran just sitting in there on a stool, do you want him?” and “Ed Sheeran is literally sitting in here on a stall,” it took 2 hours and 23 minutes before anyone decided to take his word for it. And even that was after a hell of a lot of persuasion.

A private Ed Sheeran gig for $2 per person? Not too shabby.
Source: Hamish and Andy

While some people chose to record their close encounter with our favourite ginger-haired musician, others opted to sing along. Or just stare out in amazement. But there was one thing they could agree on: that was the best $2 they had ever spent.

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