See 100 Years of Toys In Less Than Three Minutes

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There’s no denying that toys have evolved ridiculous amounts in a seemingly short space of time. Just take my lifetime for instance. When I was younger it was all about the Game Boy. Give that to a kid today and they’d look at me as if I had just ripped out an intestine and draped it over their beloved Grandma. 15 years on, video games are now all about the HD graphics and an immersive experience. The kind of gaming a PlayStation 4 offers kids today would have been completely unheard of in my day.

The Evolution of Toys

The evolution of toys is quite a weird concept to wrap your head around, especially when you’re so young. This video, created by Mode, nicely sums up the noticeable evolution of toys that has occurred in the last 100 years.

Since the 1910s, toys have come on heaps and bounds. Gone are the creepy looking dolls and build-your-own ornaments. These days it’s all about the futuristic tech, the gaming and the dolls sporting freakishly disproportionate curves.

What’s really interesting to see is how the evolution of toys has remained similar in many respects. For instance, popular toys in most decades included dolls, teddies and the like (I’m just ridiculously pleased that the doll faces have got approximately 6000% less creepier since 1910.) But it’s only really since the turn of the Millennium that the focus has turned towards pricey electronic toys.

The evolution of toys

In some ways it’s quite sad to see how the evolution of toys has almost become less innocent; kids are moving away from simple toys and vying for bigger and better products that no doubt put pressure on parents. With Christmas just around the corner, maybe it’s time we all tried something a little different in our stockings this year?

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