‘Extreme Phone Pinching’ Is The Dumbest Craze Yet

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Move over planking and extreme picnicking. This next craze is probably one of the dumbest ones yet. The good news? It no longer requires you to have a death wish. The bad news? It DOES involve putting your beloved smartphone at risk. I think I can hear Millennials quaking in their Converses all the way over here…

‘Extreme phone pinching’ is a craze that seems to be spreading across social media like wildfire. And nope, it doesn’t involve tightly squeezing your smartphone. (It can’t be me who thought that at first? No? OK…). Extreme phone pinching is actually to do with participants holding their expensive phones out using the least amount of surface area possible – and then dangling them over a big drop. Think a hazardous cliff, a drain or a swimming pool. Yeah. We couldn’t think of a craze that represents Generation Y more…

Need some visual examples?

Here ya go:

And if you really want to see people suffer, have a look at this video. It’s over six minutes long, but it’s worth it for all the massive fails:

OK, our nerves are shot.

Are your palms feeling pretty sweaty just at the thought of putting your most prized gadget in harm’s way? If so, join the club. The resulting pictures and videos are enough to cause MEGA second-degree anxiety. However, extreme phone pinching also gives us lots of reasons to worry. And not just because of the hundreds of pounds people are putting at risk. Because, at the end of the day, what does this craze really say about us as a society? That our idea of doing something ‘extreme’ involves toying with the life of a technological device that we’ve become obsessed with? Whatever happened to just a good ol’ fashioned skydive?

But still, I can’t really judge. If someone wants to risk their iPhone 6 to the city’s sewage underworld for the sake of a six-second vine, then go for it. Watching people’s stunts go wrong gives me a perverse sense of schadenfreude, mwahaha.

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