Faces of Yoga Will Make You LOL

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Faces of Yoga

faces of yoga is one of the best thing we've seen in a while

If you’ve ever done any form yoga, then you’ll know it’s not as easy as people on social media seem to make out.

I mean, do you really think doing something called the downwards-facing dog is going to be a walk in the park? See what we did there?

Okay, we’ll stop blowing our own trumpet. Anyway, the point is that whoever you are, when you’re engaged in a yoga pose, you probably don’t look as good as someone who is posing on Instagram does.

That’s just not the point of yoga. You’re meant to get sweaty, messy and look pretty awful. Especially if you’re partaking in the class correctly. And that’s the point American photographer and gurning expert Jonah Sargent is trying to make with his new coffee table book ‘Faces of Yoga’.

Jonah explains: “This series is a reminder that we all look horrible when we do yoga… so we should immerse ourselves in it and forget the rest.”

So in an attempt to reclaim yoga from the posers, Jonah has set up a Kickstarter page in the hope he can take his coffee-table book into production. You can check out more of the pictures on the next few pages. All his photographs were taken in Bikram yoga classes in Berlin and Minnesota.