Fake Viral News Stories That Everyone Fell For In 2015

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Fake viral news of 2015: Avril Lavigne is not dead
Source: blackbag.gawker.com

Claim: Avril Lavigne was killed off and replaced by an actress

This was one of the crazier fake viral news stories of 2015. An internet conspiracy suggested that Avril Lavigne was killed off and replaced with an actress. In 2003 no less. So, for 12 years we’ve been living with a Lavigne imposter. Who would have thunk it?

A website, called AvrilLavigneDied lists 12 signs that the Sk8er Boi singer was replaced by a double. Despite all that, uh, ‘proof’, it’s all completely false. One of the original creators of the rumour stated that their ‘Avril is Dead’ site was “a way of showing how conspiracy theories may seem true.”

See, it’s not that complicated, guys.