See How Famous Comedians Deal With Hecklers

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Picture the scene: you’re on stage, going through your routine and someone raises their hand. What the hell, right? They throw you off your stride, so you turn to them to figure out what they want. Oh you like my boots and want to know where I got them? How messed up. This is not a class. This isn’t an assembly. This isn’t alcoholics anonymous. But somehow that isn’t enough for them, they keep speaking over you. How would you deal with that then? We’ve got some videos below for you to see how famous comedians deal with hecklers. Some of these are really brutal.

Amy Schumer

We love Amy Schumer so much. This is her on stage in 2009 at the Punchline in Atlanta. A drunken woman in the first few rows was constantly interrupting the comedians on stage until Amy finally called her up on it. She saw that the same woman had her hand up and launched a short but vicious attack. Go, Amy, go!

Jimmy Carr

Oh boy. Jimmy Carr has a reputation at really making hecklers suffer. And so he should. He seems to attract his fair share of people who think they can interrupt his performance. This clip seems a bit slow to start off with, but trust us: his comeback is amazing. Ouch.

Bill Hicks

So the first two videos have shown off one school of thought when dealing with hecklers; basically just be funnier than them. With Bill Hicks, he went for a completely different approach – go for the jugular. This is brutal. But, Bill, we still love you!

Louis CK

I mean, this wouldn’t be a list of famous comedians dealing with hecklers without Louis CK. He has this way of luring them into a false of security by being sort of nice to begin with then launching his acerbic wit. So good.

Frankie Boyle

Oh, we’re turning up the dial further with this one. Absolutely no nonsense from Frankie when someone heckles him. Let’s just say he owns them. This is how famous comedians deal with hecklers alright!

Russell Brand

Well this is just great. Russell Brand get heckled, gets the lights switched on and then enters crowd to face-off against the heckler. Vintage Brand.

Eddie Izzard

Getting heckled must make performers absolutely furious. Especially when it comes just two minutes into your set. Eddie Izzard doesn’t accept any crap from these idiots and gets them booted out.


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