People Reveal The Hilarious Reasons Why They Got Fired On Their First Day

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Picture the scene. You’ve got a new job. You’re ecstatic. You can finally afford to get a round in next time you’re at the pub. Except there’s one problem: you turn up for your first day, and within hours you’re fired.

It sounds painful. Perfectly rotten, in fact. But it’s the case for hundreds of Reddit users who have been sharing their tales of just how they (or someone they know) got fired on the first day. While we’re not huge fans of laughing at peoples’ misfortune (OK, we kind of are), some of these firing tales had us cringing and rolling our eyes in equal measures. Here’s our selection of the best.

Fired on the first day: Unfair or justified?

“They called me and told me I was let go for not showing up on my first day. Which was a surprise for me since at no point after the interview had I been told that I’d been hired.” – deftss

“Failed the mandatory “new hire drug test”. I’ve never done drugs…” – DonaldRDeCicco

Fired on the first day – for failing a drugs test...even though they had never taken drugs.

“I once got hired by Radio Shack when I was 17. As in, I filled out their application, handed them my resume, went through two interviews (one on the phone, one in person) and then was scheduled for my first day. Went in my first day, and they told me they didn’t realize I was 17. They only hire 18 and above. They made me go through that entire process for nothing.” – Korberos