Flashback: This Is What You Were Into 10 Years Ago

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So, it’s been a slow new week. Unless you’re into reading about terrorism and iconic musicians dying. So we thought that there hasn’t ever been a better time to travel back in time ten years to reminds ourselves of how unbelievably bored we were this month 10 years ago.

What Were We Listening To?

10 years ago music

In January 2006, brothers were being driven crazy on the daily by Fergie and The Black Eyed Peas’ Humps. Actually it may have been her lady lumps. As long as she got them checked out and made sure they weren’t some sort of weird growth.

Aside from Fergie Ferg, the top 10 on this day a decade ago also featured Pussycat Dolls, Girls Aloud and Twitter legend James Blunt. Topping the charts, however, was X-Factor human centipede Shane Ward with his cesspool of a song ‘That’s My Goal’. Told you that this looking in the mirror lark wouldn’t be good for you.

What Films Were We Watching?

big mommas house 2

Let’s be clear. January 2006 was NOT a good month for moviegoers (minus the passable Glory Road). Your choice of potential film was so limited, it was literally between choosing Nanny McPhee or Big Momma’s House 2. I can’t believe there was a sequel to Big Momma’s House.

What Was On TV?

what happened on lost

Aside from the X Factor, everyone 10 years ago was watching Scrubs and How I Met Your Mother to fill the void left by Friends, which ended in 2004. But the shows that were most talked about in January of 2006 were LOST and Sopranos. LOST because…just what the fuck…why is there a polar bear there? What is the hatch? I still have no idea. The Sopranos was also on everyone’s mind, as everyone seemed to be rewatching the first five seasons in order to be ready for March and the final season.

What Was Happening In The World?

10 years ago the nasa launch

January 2006 wasn’t a particularly eventful month. The key headlines were the Hajj stampede that killed 362 people, Ariel Sharon’s stroke, NASA’s first mission to Pluto and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia becoming the first elected female head of state. I guess people were too focused on that summer’s World Cup.

What Video Games Were We Playing?

10 years ago nintendogs

Well, if you were in school in Virginia, then it’s entirely possible that you were playing Dance Dance Revolution at school. It was installed at several institutions in an effort to tackle the state’s obesity epidemic. Otherwise you might have been trying in vain to activate the Hot Coffee Mod in GTA: San Andreas, looking after your Nintendogs or sating your Need For Speed.

What Was The Internet Like?

10 years ago the internet

10 years ago, the internet was a far different place. No one used Chrome, whereas today the vast majority do. Some (cool) people were using Mozilla Firefox before the masses switched from the terrible Internet Explorer. The biggest websites of the year included MySpace (you should’ve seen my customisation!), Blogger (because people were getting too old for the pure emo of LiveJournal), Newgrounds (for all your gaming needs) and YouTube (before the ads!).

Did we miss anything that happened 10 years ago this month? Let us know in the comments section below.