Floyd Mayweather Took Banned IVs Before Pacquiao Fight

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Mayweather pictured taking a swipe at Pacquiao during the 'Fight of the Century' in May
During his acclaimed 19-year career, Mayweather has been a fierce advocate of anti-doping

New Report: Mayweather Took Banned IVs

Remember back in May when the sports headlines were dominated by the epic Mayweather v Pacquiao fight? Today it’s being reported that the eventual winner, Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather took banned IVs – right on the eve of the boxing battle.

Widely recognised as the best boxer of his generation, Floyd Mayweather received an intravenous injection of saline and vitamins that was banned under World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) guidelines, according to a report by SB Nation, written by Thomas Hauser.

While the injections he received did not include any banned substances, certain IVs are not allowed under the WADA guidelines because they can be used to “dilute or mask the presence of another substance,” Hauser’s report said.

So What Happened?

There are no accusations that Mayweather took banned IVs, a fierce anti-doping advocate who reportedly received the saline injection to treat dehydration, cheated his way through the fight. Rather, blame is being levelled at the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) for not issuing a ‘therapeutic use’ exception for the IVs until 18 days after the fight.

Evidence of the IV being administered was discovered by the USADA during a random drug test at Mayweather’s home on 1 May, just after the boxers had their fight weigh in. However, they did not report this to the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) until 19 May.

While Mayweather received an exemption from the USADA three weeks after the fight, NSAC executive director Bob Bennett said USADA does not have the authorisation to do so. Only the commission, Bennett said, can provide an exemption to an athlete, but they were not notified of the event until after it was given.

Bennett is quoted as saying in the report: “We are less than pleased that USADA acted the way it did.”


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