Could This Flying Car Be The Vehicle of The Future?

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Back to the Future II gets a lot of flack for its poor imagining of 2015. Hoverboards? A rejuvenation clinic? No lawyers? Oh man, how we wish all of these things existed. (Well, there’s still a few months left of this year, we guess.)

But things could now be on the up, for an American company has announced its new project: a flying car! The only bad thing? We have to wait around eight years to buy one. Darn it.

The Terrafugia TF-X flying car looks cool – but will it actually be a thing?
Credit: Terrafugia

Did you say a flying car?!

We sure did. And the Terrafugia TF-X is definitely a sight to behold. Sleek and simple in its design, the four-seat vehicle can be used to drive from A to B on the roads. Then, as soon as you want to take to the skies, you instruct it where you want to go. The computer-controlled flight will then whisk you off to anywhere within a 500-mile range using its twin helicopter-style propellers. That means from London, you can get to Dundee, Frankfurt, Limerick and Nantes. This could seriously revolutionise our weekends.

flying carSuitable for both the road and the air, these flying cars also have the sleek-factor

The hybrid vehicle has a horsepower of 1360 and a top speed of 200mph. Aesthetically, it certainly looks rather futuristic – but we can’t help but notice its lack of doors. Not sure how sensible that will be when you’re flying above the rooftops.

If you fancy seeing the flying car in (computer-animated) action, check it out here:

While it certainly sounds like it could be QUITE a big deal, we’re not convinced the idea could really, uh, take off (sorry). The company’s previous flying car model in 2012 was found to have a few flaws. Its main issues were over keeping costs down, as well as the inevitable legal difficulties. We seriously hope that over the last three years the company has come up with ways to overcome these problems. We’re already saving up.

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