Childhood Sweets That You’ve Totally Forgotten

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Just like Jerry Seinfeld, our entire childhood was focused on one objective: get candy, get candy, get candy. Everything in our lives was just a distraction from that. Going to school, playing games, growing up…all that just got in the way of candy. Or we should say sweets. Because we grew up in the UK. But, seriously, our knowledge of all things related to 90s sweets is really advanced. We could write a PhD thesis on the merits of each of the most popular types. Heck, we could write a triple-album filled with songs about which sweets we loved and which sweets we didn’t. So in the name of some proper nostalgia, we decided to recount some sweets you might have forgotten about, that you really shouldn’t have.

Choco Dips

choco dips and forgotten 90s sweets

Oh sweet lord have mercy. These were pretty damn simple, but so so good. It was basically like just eating chocolate spread, but slightly more refined than just fingering a tub. Thank you KP, thank you.


fruitang and forgotten 90s sweets

We’re not entirely sure these ever really existed. When we asked our colleagues they gave us blank expressions aplenty. But I have a vivid memory of trying these in year 3. One of my friends had them during assembly and handed me one and I was instantly hooked. They were sour, fruity and chewy – what more do you need?

Fruit Polo

fruit polo and forgotten 90s sweets

Yep. Right? We know. We randomly found an old packet in a WHSmith in Liverpool Street station the other day. Pretty sure the expiry said March 1998, but we still couldn’t resist. Beautiful.


zappers and forgotten 90s sweets

Oh man, these were always the first sweets I went to get. Loved that really sour hit that just kept on going.


campino and forgotten 90s sweets

Again, not totally sure if this is or isn’t a fictionalised memory or not. But these hard sweets were a right treat. Strawberries and cream, know what we mean?

Rainbow Drops

rainbow drops and forgotten 90s sweets

These drops of puffed rice were basically crack for kids. The amount of e-numbers contained within each packet unleashed some pretty wild behaviours in children. But they tasted so darn good. Doh.


frostie and forgotten 90s sweets

Nah, not the cereal. These cola (‘kola’) cube sweets used to shred our tongue to bits, but it was always worth it.

Golden Nuggets

golden gum nuggets and forgotten 90s sweets

Again, another sweet that shares a name with a cereal. These sticky, chewy bits of gold were always a bit of fun to eat.

Bubble Jug

bubble jug and forgotten 90s sweets

I know, it looks like washing detergent. But tastes like nirvana. No, not the band. Unfortunately shake n’ chug became our life motto and led us down the path we’ve stumbled down today.

Ring Pops/Push Pops/Melody Pops

ring pop and forgotten 90s sweets

Oh my god. Do you remember these? I always wanted to propose to my year 4 crush with this. Probably would’ve said no. I hate you Katie!

melody pops

During the ring pop wedding, I would’ve had my boys bust out some jams on the melody pops. Unfortunately, that never came to fruition, so I was just all alone playing some sad shit on these suckers.

push pop and forgotten 90s sweets

Right in the nostalgia feels. Push Pops were my first love. Used to have them clipped on like a pen, ready for them lunchtime sugar highs. Come at me bros.


flumps and forgotten 90s sweets

Still sounds like a euphemism to us. But these marshmallow ropes were just pure fat kid heaven.



Yeah, how have I not developed diabeetus? I used to spend most of my £2 pocket money on a Saturday on these. Still weirds me out when you bite into it, but damn the flavour is so good.

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