Gary Neville Is The New Manager of Valencia!

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Gary Neville’s White Army

the new manager of valencia: gary neville

So, admit it. You weren’t expecting this! Little Gary Neville has only gone and become the new head coach of Valencia! Yeah, that team in Spain! And his assistant is going to be Phil! Actual Phil! The Nevilles are going on an 8-month piss-up round Spain! Wicked! Everyone’s invited!

Sorry about the exclamation marks. I’m just so super excited to see Gary Neville make the transition from the best sports commentator around to management. His coaching for the England team has been rated really highly by those in the know, so it seemed like he would make the transition to management soon enough. No one was really expecting it to be Valencia. Maybe Antonio Valencia, but the actual team? This is going to be really interesting.

gary neville is the new manager of valencia

Let’s hope he’s more Terry Venables or Bobby Robson, than, say, David Moyes…His team actually play Barcelona and their frighteningly in-form starting line of MSN (Messi, Suarez and Neymar, obviously) this weekend, but he won’t be in charge by then. His first game is actually next week’s Champions League home tie against Lyon, which is a nice little warm-up to life in management…

He’ll only be in charge for the season, but many are predicting that if it goes well he’ll be in contention to take over from Woy after the European Championship, though some people are doubting the veracity of him being hired as manager. See the Tweet below:

Regardless, this is what Gary Neville had to say when the news broke:

“I am absolutely thrilled to be given this opportunity with Valencia. Valencia are a huge football club of immense standing and I know from my time as a player the passion and dedication of the Valencia fans. I am really looking forward to working with the club’s talented group of players and am excited about the challenge ahead.”

Exciting times ahead. How do you guys think he’ll do?

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