GBBO Tamal Is Sending Us Into a Bit of a Meltdown

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While we’re all great admirers of Ian’s flower pot creations, Nadiya’s facial expressions and Paul’s ability to construct a lion’s face purely out of bread, there’s one stand-out star of this year’s GBBO who’s got us all in a bit of a tizz.

Step forward: Tamal Ray.

Tamal doing his thing in the GBBO tent

(And yeah, my name totally isn’t a coincidence. We are absolutely, 100% married. I swear.)

The fuzzy-haired amateur baker has set the Twitterverse alight with his baking flair. What, who am I kidding – it’s his doe-eyed, tall, dark and handsome features that’s getting everyone worked up. Put simply: GBBO Tamal is pretty darn hot.

Cerys' Tweet pretty much sums up everyone's thoughts on Tamal

I mean….you guys are getting really worked up.

It's fair to say Robyn thinks GBBO Tamal is hot

Creme brûlées served atop GBBO Tamal sounds pretty darn good to us

While he thinks he’s been stirring up vol-au-vents and the odd cake, it’s actually our hearts that have been a’stirring.

It seems no one is immune from his charms. Even John Whaite, winner of the third series of Great British Bake Off, Tweeted about his lust for the trainee anaesthetist.

Even previous GBBO winner John Whaite has got involved in the GBBO Tamal love-in

Yep, I said ‘trainee anaesthetist’. It’s good to know that if we ever faint in front of him he’ll probably be able to fan us back to reality. Or completely resuscitate us because we’ve forgotten how to breathe properly.

Tamal’s heart-throb status is more than welcome this series, what with all of the GBBO controversies that have been going on. His ability to laugh off everything has got us falling in love with him over and over again.

Not even week works out well for GBBO Tamal, but he still manages to make the best of things...

And when he spoke about his love of sandwiches, our hearts pounded even harder.

Bet you don't love sandwiches as much as GBBO Tamal

If you’re not following him on Twitter yet (he’s on there under ‘@DrRayBakes’ of all things), you need to get on it. Not only does it help bring you one step closer to him, but he posts really insightful thoughts that will get you mulling over things for days.

GBBO Tamal's Tweets often focus on the finer things in life. Like sandwiches. Mmm, lovely sandwiches

Inspiring stuff.

And you can also perve over pictures of him tending to his various cakes…

GBBO Tamal's Twitter page bears much evidence of his complete and utter love for cakes.

…and imagine that he’s in your kitchen. Or he’s making yours and his wedding cake. SWOON.

The good news is we’ve still got a fair few GBBO episodes left for this series. Will Tamal secure his dream of being named Star Baker? Or will he be voted out faster than you can say ‘soggy bottom’?

No matter what happens Tamal, you’ve already won our hearts.

C'mon GBBO Tamal, you've got this