Gilmore Girls Is Coming Back For A Limited Run

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Can you believe that it’s been eight whole years since Gilmore Girls was cancelled? Our hearts are still broken. Our tears are still streaming. Just what has been going on in our favourite town of Stars Hollow? Are Lorelai and Luke still loved-up? Is Rory now a multi-award winning journalist? And has she finally managed to find someone who will accept her career-loving tendencies?

Just when we were about to give up hope of ever finding out, the impossible has happened. Lauren Graham, who played Lorelai Gilmore, tweeted this to her 300,000+ followers:

The tweet she was referring to? A story by saying that Netflix is reviving Gilmore Girls for a limited run.

So, yeah. The fact that Graham ‘can’t deny’ that it’s happening means that it’s definitely happening. Yep. Gilmore Girls is coming back. And we could almost cry with all this excitement.

Gilmore girls is coming back – so what do we know about it?

Nothing has been confirmed so far, but this is pretty much what various sources are saying:

  1. The series will be back for four feature-length episodes
    Instead of the traditional 45-minute episode format, Gilmore Girls will return for four 90-minute episodes. That’s six hours of the show coming our way.
  2. The original creator will be returning
    Creator Amy Sherman-Palladino left after the sixth season due to contractual disputes. But she’s always spoken of her longing to give Lorelai and Rory a proper send off. She reportedly even has the final four words of the series in mind, so let’s hope we get to hear them!

    Gilmore Girls is coming back for four whole episodes, and we couldn't be more excited
  3. Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel are expected to reprise their roles
    Let’s face it. As much as we love the news that Gilmore Girls is coming back, it just would not be the same without Lauren and Alexis. We would probably boycott it if that were to happen, tbh.
  4. Other stars will more than likely be joining them
    Thankfully, it looks as if they’re doing this reunion properly, drafting in Kelly Bishop (Rory’s grandmother) and Scott Patterson (Luke Danes). There’s no word yet on whether the über-talented and the über-successful Melissa McCarthy (Sookie) will be returning. But seriously, how great would it be to have the whole gang back?!

We honestly can’t wait to have Gilmore Girls back on our screens. After all, it’s been far too long. We just hope that the new series will do the original show justice – and that we’ll finally have closure on our favourite mother-and-daughter duo. See you guys on the sofa!

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