This Wedding Video Captured By A Dog And Her GoPro Will Melt Your Heart

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Thought about getting married but put off by the astronomically high price of the nuptials? Yeah. You’re not alone. But console yourself with this money-saving idea from a young Nashville-based couple. The pair enlisted the help of their beloved husky, Ryder, and a GoPro to capture their special day. The result is one gorgeously adorable, intimate video from one very unique perspective.

Have a look at the adorable video for yourself here. (Tip: might be best to get some tissues at the ready to soak up the tears).

The video captures the wedding of Director Marshall Burnette and his long-term girlfriend Addie at the top of a snowy Roan Mountain in Tennessee. The couple actually eloped to that spot because it was the site of their first date ten years earlier. Which just makes the video infinitely more adorable. Speaking to, Addie said that two feet of snow fell on the day of their wedding, making it a wintry wonderland. Yeah, this couple just mastered all of our life goals. God darn them for being so perfect.

The two-minute video was posted to YouTube earlier this month to commemorate the couple’s first wedding anniversary. And in those few weeks, it’s already racked up over 800,000 views. If you ever get bored of running after balls in the park, might we suggest a step into videography, Ryder?

The floppy ears of GoPro dog are evident throughout
Credit: YouTube | Ryder the GoPro dog often shows off her floppy ears

From the morning of the wedding through to the exchanging of vows and the evening celebrations, Ryder the GoPro dog captures all the big days’ happy moments. Well, with side footage of head pats and frolicking through an idyllic snowy forest. She is a dog, after all.

GoPro dog takes a pause from her job to have a little frolic.
Credit: YouTube

Set to ‘Spirit Cold’ by indie folk band Tall Heights, the video is definitely a unique take on the generic wedding videos we so often see. We definitely know which type of video we would prefer. And it seems that many people are in agreement. YouTubers have taken to the comment section with positive sentiments, many congratulating the couple on their nuptials – but most just cooing over the dog. We can’t blame them, to be fair…

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