Gwen Stefani Looks Amazing at 45

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Don’t speak, we know what you’re thinking. We don’t need your reasons, but Gwen Stefani looks amazing and it hurts. But, just how does she look so damned good? How can you be so talented and never age? Has she found the fountain of youth? Where is it? Is it far? My back hurts. Can you give me a piggy back? Only kidding (no we’re not).

What Year Is It?

Gwen Stefani looks amazing at 45

If you’ve inadvertently tuned in to The Voice (lel), or you’ve accidentally seen a clip of it, then you might be thinking to yourself: whoa dude, is it still the 90s? Not just because of the strange set or the fact it’s a reality show but because Gwen Stefani looks amazing. No, scratch that, she looks hella good. She looks so superfly she’d probably make Jimmy Snuka cry. She pretty much looks just like she did the 90s, save for updating her fashion sense. We mean, she looks better than pretty much all other celebrities in their 20s. She looks better than everyone I knew at 18 or 21 or 25. Okay, that’s enough.

Age Is Just a Number

Gwen Stefani looks amazing at 45

We have no doubt that people will ask us why we’re focusing on just her physical attributes. You’ll say she’s just a girl, but we’ll say stop being like an ex-girlfriend. It’s rare to have women over the age of 40 celebrated for any reason, and we should cherish the fact that it’s happening more frequently. Because equality should exist regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, religious affiliation, socieconomic status, sports team…and so on. Put simply Gwen is the hottest 45-year-old we’ve ever seen. And beyond that she’s super talented and a kick-ass musician. She’s the real deal.

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