This Woman’s Revealing Selfie Is Going Viral – But Not For The Reason You Think

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When one Twitter user posted a picture of her wearing Walmart underwear, she wasn’t expecting the ensuing furore. I mean c’mon. We’re all (mostly) adults here. We’ve seen far, FAR worse on the internet.

Except this is the tale of a picture with a difference. The reason behind its virality is nothing to do with its sexual nature. In actuality, people are taking umbrage at one small feature.

Take a look at the picture for yourself below:

When Suraiya posted this picture to Twitter, she decided to leave a small wisp of tummy hair showing. And it’s this slightly hairy tummy that has got body-shamers sending trolling remarks her way.

Since the picture was published on Christmas Eve, it’s had over 1,700 retweets and over 4,900 likes. The comments are too numerous to count. But most seem to have one thing in common – a shed load of negativity. Like the ones below:

Unsurprisingly, Suraiya was less than impressed with the reaction caused by her hairy tummy. She later tweeted: “I originally posted these BC my hip to waist ratio has never been so perfect and that was completely ignored so I’m pressed.”

Suraiya’s hairy tummy is challenging the ‘beauty ideal’

Despite all the negativity Suraiya received, we think she looks fantastic. Curves in all the right places, a healthy weight and – above all – a body that we can relate to much more than those Photoshopped images in magazines. Luckily, there were dozens of women who agreed, tweeting Suraiya to thank her:

Does Suraiya regret posting the picture to Twitter? Not a chance. In fact, she’s pleased she did it. She told

“For any hate I received I got the same amount of love back. And thats what made it totally worth it.

I think women should just do what they want. No one should dictate what we embrace. If women want to embrace shaving, then shave, if they want to embrace being hairy – awesome.

I’m tired of constantly seeing women being put in a position of helplessness with their bodies. The narrative belongs to us, and so do the choices we make within the narrative.”

What a day in the life for Suraiya. Single-handedly shutting down the internet’s body-shamers and empowering women all over the world. NBD.

Suraiya and her hairy tummy has caused a buzz on social media
Credit: Twitter / @iranikanjari

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