Hanson Launch Their Own Beer Called Mmmhops. We’re Serious.

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Ahh, Hanson. They certainly know what works for them. Despite releasing five albums since the turn of the Millennium (and touring a dozen times! What!), the boys are still mostly known for their ’90s hit, MMMBop. I mean, it’s almost 20 years since it was released, but that’s cool. As we all know, The Lyrics to Hanson’s Mmmbop Are Hauntingly Beautiful, so we can’t really fault the world for being obsessed with it all these years on.

Hanson as we remember them
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Hanson: Not just a pretty face

But, despite all their obvious musical prowess, the three brothers have now decided to add a new string to their bow. How? By launching their own brand of pale ale. Now, if you’re three young(ish) guys starting out in the beer business, with a well-known song called ‘MMMBop’ under your belt, what exactly are you going to call your first product? Yeah. It’s hardly going to be anything other than ‘MmmHops’, is it? It’s pretty genius. But if people don’t quite get it straight away, the boys have handily added a tagline of ‘from the guys that invented MMMBop’ underneath the bottle’s logo.

Hanson have released their own brand of pale ale, called Mmmhops
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Isaac, Taylor and Zac decided to take a break from music at the end of their 2013 tour in order to focus on beer brewing. As fans of craft beers from all over the world (and we reckon they’ve sampled their fair share), the boys even joined forces with Mustang Brewing Company in Oklahoma City to make it all legit.

Hanson with their Mmmhops brand of pale ale
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The boys offer up the following description of their pale ale:

“Mmmhops hits you with a bold but not overpowering aroma of Zythos, Centennial and Willamette hops. Its golden color and malty flavor come from a unique blend of barley malts that goes down easy and continues to surprise you with toasted richness.”

Hanson have released their own brand of pale ale, called Mmmhops
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Mmm(Bop). I now really want a beer. It should be pretty good stuff too by the sound of it. In 2014 Mmmhops won a gold medal from the Beverage Tasting Institute. Not bad, guys. Not bad.

So far, MmmHops can be purchased in 16 different states. But it’s good news for other state-dwellers: the beer can also be ordered online. So far, there’s no word on Mmmhops making its way to UK shelves, boo. But Zac told The Daily Mail that they’re now working on further beers, including an amber, a saison and something ‘a bit hoppier’. We can’t wait to see what they name them. Amber & Me? Thinking ‘Bout Saison? OK, those jokes would probably be a little bit funnier if people actually knew some of Hanson’s other tracks…

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