Harper Beckham Wants to be a Footballer – and Someone’s Not Happy

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With three big brothers to look up to, it’s hardly surprising that Harper Beckham is growing up to be a bit of a tomboy.

But now it’s emerged that she’s taking things to the next level. In an interview with ‘Good Morning America,’ Mother Posh revealed that four-year-old Harper wants to take after her dad and play football when she’s older.

Harper Beckham wants to be a footballer like her dad!

Victoria said: “Dagger through the heart! I have three boys that want to play football, you know, come on, let one of them want to be into fashion or dance.”

Harper Beckham – Footballer material?

While Vic was only half-joking (we think…we hope) we reckon that Harper as a footballer would be absolutely INCREDIBLE. With women’s football finally becoming more reputable (it’s not like women have been playing sports for decades, FFS) after England’s team nabbed the third spot in this year’s Women’s World Cup, we can’t think of anyone better to become a role-model for future athletes.

Maybe Harper can even lead the 2031 squad to victory? (Side note: 2031 is only 16 years away. Where is time going?)

Could this be the England football squad of the future?
Credit: My shit Photoshop skills

While Harper is often dressed up in the fanciest kids’ clothes going, her love of football has been well documented over the years. David regularly posts the most adorable pictures of the mini-starlet on his Instagram page, many of which are football-themed.

Harper Beckham snapped taking a shot at goal. I mean, there's not even a goalie. What's going on.
Credit: David Beckham, Instagram

And it looks like the England team are already eyeing up Harper’s talents – the youngster was the proud recipient of her own mini football kit from the women’s squad just a few months ago.

Harper Beckham got her own mini football kit from the women's squad – obviously with a no 7 shirt.
Credit: David Beckham, Instagram

If Harper is intent on becoming the latest Beckham star to hit the field, we’re 100% behind her. But Victoria, if you’re really that upset about it, then I wouldn’t worry too much. I mean, when I was 4 years old I wanted to be a cat. Spoiler: I’m not.

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