This Couple Threw a Magical Harry Potter-Themed Wedding

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Let’s face it: which Harry Potter fan hasn’t once dreamt of their very own Harry Potter-themed wedding? These two muggles definitely did – and they even went one step further when it came to organising their nuptials.

When Alicia Duncan met Robert Cavaco, whose military K9 was a patient at the kennel where she was working, she only had one question: Does his Deathly Hallows tattoo mean he’s a massive Harry Potter fan too? Luckily, the answer was ‘Yes’, and a year later the couple married in a civil ceremony. (Presumably not just because of the tattoo. But you never know.)

This is where their Harry Potter-themed wedding comes in…

But that’s not where it ends. Because, on the one-year anniversary of their marriage, the couple decided to throw the wedding reception they had always dreamed of. As they’re both in the military, the couple relied on the magical touch of Alicia’s mother, plus a wedding planner in Florida. The only suggestion Alicia gave the pair was that she ‘wanted to eat dinner at Hogwarts.’

And this is what happened. (All photo from the folks at SO Photography.)

Harry Potter-themed wedding: With wands, of course.

We already love them. Look how happy they look with their personal wands! After a church ceremony in Orlando, the wedding party made their way to a hotel near Universal Studios for a reception with a magical twist.

The large room had been turned into Hogwarts dining room. Complete with house-themed tables, ‘floating’ candles and Potter-themed accessories.

Where else can you hold a Harry Potter-themed wedding than in a Hogwarts-style dining room?! Harry Potter-themed wedding: Yep, there was a definite theme at this wedding. Harry Potter-themed wedding: Every small feature was thought of Harry Potter-themed wedding: The tables were decked out beautifully

I mean, wow. Now, I’m just a casual Harry Potter fan, but these pictures make me want to get married immediately. And then have the most beautiful Potter-themed reception. Every little detail, down to the mini flags, flowers and antique-style chairs, scream Potter. Each guest even received their own chocolate frog, Bertie Boots and mini-broomstick!

Harry Potter-themed wedding: Potter sweets are a must

A sorting hat was present throughout the day in order to preside over events. And it looks like Hedwig even RSVP’d to attend.

No Harry Potter-themed wedding is complete with a sorting hat.

No Harry Potter-themed wedding is complete, of course, without a cake. And this couple actually had two. One harked back to the classic Potter of old with all the books stacked up on top of each other. The other featured Hogwarts house-themed layers, topped off with a Golden Snitch.

A Harry Potter-themed wedding of course needs a cake. Or two. A Harry Potter-themed wedding of course needs a cake. Or two.

Yep. Think it’s pretty safe to say that this couple have won at life.

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