If You Can Afford a London Flat, You Can Buy Your Own Private Island

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I know. What a claim. But hear me out: if your finances allow you to buy a London flat, you can actually afford your own private island. That’s the latest claim from Farhad Vladi of Vladi Private Islands. The award-winning private island seller (yes, that’s an actual job) told Amuse:

“The majority of islands are available to buy from between £500,000 and £1 million. If you think about what you can buy in a capital city like London for the same price, it’s relatively good value.”

How much is a private island?
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He has a good point. According to Right Move, most properties sold in London last year were flats. And the average sale price for the flats was £462,211. To give you an idea of what those flats would look like, take a look at the above picture. That dingy flat, in Acton, would set you back £445,000.

With that in mind, we decided to have a dig around. Just where can we buy a private island for less than the cost of a London flat?

Big Tancook Island
Location: Nova Scotia, Canada
Asking Price: £69, 016

If you have £70k to spare, you can purchase your very own island off the coast of beautiful Nova Scotia. Featuring 11.6 acres of land, the island also comes with its own residents (125 in winter; 200 in summer). So, you’ll basically be President of your own island. Sort of. Development of a hotel or campground is also granted, so there’s the possibility of bringing in a little bit of an income for yourself all year round.


How much is a private island?

How much is a private island?

Mavuva Island Lots
Location: Fiji, South Pacific
Asking Price: £80,864

Not only will £80k buy you your own private island in one of the most beautiful parts of the world, it’ll also buy you one that looks like a massive penis. Bargain. All 42 acres of Mavuva Island can be found within Fiji’s Great Sea Reef. It’s already partially developed, but why would you want to share this slice of luxury with anyone else?

How much is a private island? How much is a private island?

Spuhn Island Lots
Location: Alaska, US
Asking price: £109,910

The two-acre Spuhn Island Lots can be yours for a touch over £109,910. You could even buy four of these for less than the price of a London flat! It’s completely undeveloped so you can opt to live the life of Robinson Crusoe – all while watching passing whales making an appearance at the water’s surface. Bliss.

How much is a private island?

Isla Paloma
Location: Panama, Central America
Asking Price: £245,826

Sure you could buy a 40-odd acre island. But who needs that much land in paradise? Isla Paloma may only be 0.75 acres, but it’s located in calm waters in a quiet, tranquil bay. It also features its own two-bedroom house (with ‘party shack’ and swim dock). But the most reassuring bit of all is that the island ‘has no snakes or spiders’. Cool, where do I sign?

How much is a private island? How much is a private island?

Pink Pearl Island
Location: Nicaragua, Central America
Asking Price: £323,455

I actually spat my tea out when I saw this one. Can you believe this slice of paradise is cheaper than the average London flat? White, sandy beaches plus turquoise waters make this the paradise island of many peoples’ dreams. It’s two acres big, and also has a selection of round-thatched cabanas for guests who make the effort to come visit you.

How much is a private island?How much is a private island?

“Sorry, how much is a private island?” we hear you cry. We know. It’s crazy. But while you’re here, why not have a read of some of our other articles, including 6 Autumn Travel Destinations You Need to Visit and Watch This Time-Travelling Man Interview Himself