How Much Olive Oil Has Jamie Oliver Used In His Programmes?

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Jamie Oliver, thick-tongued and warm-hearted, is a modern-day national treasure like no other. His twizzler-fighting ways have led him down a road that very few chefs have traversed. His latest battle is on sugar and how it’s rotting the minds and dentine of today’s youth. Along with that he also has a new programme on superfoods, whereby he travels the world asking really old people to explain how they’ve lived so long…beyond winning the obvious genetic lottery. We suspect that along the way he’ll identify one key ingredient as being important in health; an ingredient that he knows well. That magical elixir known to us as olive oil. You know, the one he puts on absolutely every single thing. This video shows you exactly what we mean.

So to complement the new programme we thought it was important to try and figure out how much olive oil Jamie has used during his shows….

We suspect that, conservatively, he’s used half a bottle of olive oil (approx. 250ml) per episode of his programmes whereby he’s cooking for the majority of it. So we’ve excluded the likes of Jamie’s Kitchen and Jamie Saves Our Bacon. Here are the calculations:

The Naked Chef = 18 episodes x 250ml = 4.5l 

Pukka Tukka = 1 episode x 250ml = 0.25l

Oliver’s Twist = 52 episodes x 250ml = 13l

Great Italian Escape = 6 episodes x 250ml = 1.5l

Jamie at Home = 26 episodes x 250ml = 6.5l

American Road Trip = 4 episodes x 250ml = 1l

Jamie’s Family Christmas = 5 episodes x 250ml = 1.25l

Jamie Does… = 6 episodes x 250ml = 1.5l

Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals = 40 episodes x 250ml = 10l

Jamie’s Fish Supper/Cooks Summer = 2 episodes x 250ml = 0.5l

Jamie’s Great Britain = 6 episodes x 250ml = 1.5l

Jamie’s 15-Minute Meals = 40 episodes x 250ml = 10l

Jamie’s Money-Saving Meals = 6 episodes x 250ml = 1.5l

Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast = 12 episodes x 250ml = 3l

Jamie’s Comfort Food = 8 episode x 250ml = 2l

Total olive oil used in his programmes = 56.5 litres!

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