How To Make Any Cat Fall In Love With You

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Intro to The Game

how to make any cat fall in love with you part 1

Okay, so this isn’t an ordinary tale. Or should that be tail. I don’t even know anymore. Regardless, things have changed. I mean, I’ve always been a cat person, but cats have rarely been Derek felines, which is a shame. I’m a really good guy. I’m not particularly tall or attractive, but I have everything a cat needs. I have Dreamies. I have toy mice. I don’t have any dogs! Despite all that, I’ve been striking out in attracting random cats on the street and down in the clubs, so I’ve had to diversify my skillset and techniques. So for the last few years I’ve spent an extraordinary amount of time and effort figuring out some key techniques and moves in order to bag any cat around. Here’s the top moves you need to make any cat fall in love with you.