Is This What Humans Will Look Like In 1,000 Years?

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Back to the Future 2 had a pretty radical idea of what the human race would look like in 2015. From superhero outfits to self-drying jackets and hologram ads, it’s fair to say that they didn’t get it quite right. Unfortunately. A self-drying jacket would be amazing in this British weather.

While BTTF may not have been spot-on, new research has been released to give us a glimpse of what the humans in 1000 years will look like. And it really is quite cool.

Take a look at the video below from AsapSCIENCE to see for yourself.

So, what’s in store for humans in 1000 years?

Physically, we’ll look completely different. In order to protect ourselves from UV damage, it’s possible that we’ll have darker skin. Plus, thanks to increasing temperatures, our size could also alter dramatically. In fact, we’ll practically be supermodels with taller and thinner bodies. The real reason behind this is actually rather sensible; after all, being taller and thinner will inevitably prove better at dissipating excess body heat.

Furthermore, genetic engineering will become the norm. We’ll be able to use this to our advantage, modifying our children’s genes before birth to eliminate diseases. Along with this, we’ll also have the ability to provide kids with ‘desirable’ traits, including a straight nose, intense eyes and perfect facial symmetry. (See what I said about becoming supermodels?) This is an idea supported by Dr Alan Kwan who holds a PhD in computational genomics from Washington University. He argues that, as genetic engineering becomes widely used, “the fate of the human face will be increasingly determined by human tastes.” Also, if you think your forehead is bad now, spare a thought for humans in 1000 years – their foreheads will be huge in order to accommodate a larger brain.

So, we’ve gathered we’ll be supermodels. We could handle that. But another pretty cool side effect of human evolution could be the ability for mutations to arise. While this could be as unexciting as a new eye colour, it could also give us certain unique abilities. So…X-Men will be an actual thing?

Humans in 1000 years: We'll basically all be beautiful X-Men. We can handle that.

What else will alter?

The research doesn’t just focus on our aesthetic changes; it also gives an insight into how we’ll harness technology for our own good. We’ll more than likely see a rise to transhumanism, with nanobots subtly integrated into our bodies to enhance our own abilities. Death may also be a thing of the past, with humans able to scan their brains – atom by atom – into computers. One of the awesome side effects of this is the fact we won’t be restricted by our bodies. However, we also won’t need food, which is pretty gutting. What is life without food?!

Humans in 1000 years: We won't have to rely on food. Which is gutting. We love food.

Lastly, it’s likely our world will decrease in various ways. While 7000 languages are spoken globally today, in 1000 years we may be looking at just under 100 languages. And then, of course, space colonisation is seen as inevitable for the human race to survive.

It sucks we won’t be around in 1000 years to see if they got it right

You’re right. It would actually be quite cool to see what humans in 1000 years look like. But, luckily for us, research has also given us an idea of what the human race will look like in the next few decades. Hurrah.

Cadell Last, a researcher at the Global Brain Institute, suggests that by 2050 a completely new type of human will have evolved. As a result of radical new tech, we’ll likely be living longer and having children in old age. Plus, we can forget about boring tasks – by then we’ll be relying on artificial intelligence to do all that for us.

Humans in 1000 years: We'll be relying on robots much more. Which is great, cos I can't cook.

Furthermore, a typical worker aged 35 in 2040 will more than likely have a bigger brain, red eyes from working all hours, and more language skills. Smart fingers with chips for work or security purposes will be a thing, while we’ll probably have larger stomachs and backsides due to a lack of exercise. Oh and smaller penises as a result of fewer sexual partners. Dang, just when we thought things were starting to sound good.

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