Watch This Inspirational Teacher Restore Your Faith In Humanity

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No matter where we live, or how old we are, we all have our own stories about terrible school teachers. Teachers who were seemingly hell-bent on making our school lives the most traumatic time of our life. And we definitely didn’t have an inspirational teacher like this guy.

Jacksonville-based special education teacher, Chris Ulmer, has gone super viral over the last few days after he shared a 70-second video on his Special Books By Special Kids Facebook page. The video reveals that Ulmer (featured in a rather funky jumper) spends the first 10 minutes of every special class complimenting each and every one of his students. The reason? To help raise their confidence levels and self-worth. It brought a little tear to our eyes when we first saw it. And we think you’ll love it too. Have a look here:

This inspirational teacher has hit us right in the feels

So, we’ve already established that Chris Ulmer is pretty much the most inspirational teacher going. In the video, Ulmer explains:


“Every child deserves to feel accepted in this world. Instead of focusing on deficits I focus on talents. Instead of talking about peace, love and harmony, I display peace, love and harmony”

Chris Ulmer, the inspirational teacher behind Special Books By Special Kids, is featured with his students
Credit: Special Books By Special Kids

He goes on to say:

“If they have a mean jaded teacher they will think the world as mean and jaded. But if a teacher displays love, harmony and peace…THAT will become their norm.”

Yeah I’m not crying. OK, I’m weeping uncontrollably. Following the realisation that “99% of society” couldn’t see all the great things about students with special needs, Ulmer decided to set up the blog Special Books by Special Kids. This website had a simple mission: to provide children with special needs with an audience to share their thoughts, opinions and ideas. Sharing videos, pictures and quotes from his students, Ulmer spends his evenings running the website. It also has an accompanying Facebook page which looks to connect families in similar circumstances.

How has the viral video helped Ulmer’s cause?

Since the video has gone viral, Ulmer has understandably been shocked by the impact it’s had on his site. And the popularity of the video has even given Ulmer an extra jolt of enthusiasm. In an open letter on Facebook, he said: “Four months into the project I tearfully asked my girlfriend if she believed it would ever make an impact, I was ready to quit. She convinced me to keep going for a full year then make that decision.”

Inspirational teacher Chris Ulmer is pictured with one of his students, or his 'friend' as he refers to each of his pupils
Credit: Special Books by Special Kids

The video has since had over 2 million views, as well as thousands of inspiring, heartwarming comments. One commenter on Facebook with special needs told Ulmer: “If I had had a teacher like you in school I can’t imagine how it would have changed my life.” One thing’s for sure: we definitely need more guys like Ulmer in this world.

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