Is Emilia Clarke Now On Tinder?

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Emilia Clarke was honoured as the 'Woman of the Year' at the GQ Awards

Emilia Clarke, otherwise known as Daenerys Targaryen, otherwise known as the Khaleesi, otherwise known as the most beautiful woman on the planet has put the internet into meltdown. Well, my internet. I kept searching over and over ‘is Emilia Clarke now on Tinder?’ after I heard a rumour on Twitter.

Unfortunately for me the mother of dragons made an innocent joke in her acceptance speech at the GQ awards which sent the internet (me) into a furore. She was being honoured at the award-show for being ‘woman of the year’, while we’re not sure how you actually quantify that, we can’t help but agree. Anyway, during her acceptance the Khaleesi (of our heart) said, “It’s a real privilege to be recognised among all these talented, handsome men.” She then said, “Yep, I’m going to turn my Tinder on now. I’m dragon baby mama, in case you’re wondering.”

Cue: us signing up to Tinder, only to realise WAY too late that it was just a joke. Oh well. It wouldn’t work anyway, because of conflicting schedules. And also we really don’t want any Game of Thrones spoilers, so, yeah. And also I have a girlfriend, and she’s going to send me away to Mirri Maz Duur and the rest of maegis.

Is Emilia Clarke now on Tinder?

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