Is Groupon Making Your Life Better or Worse?

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Alright, so we all do it: surf those daily e-mail updates and Facebook ads looking for a cheap way to experience an excellent adventure; the latest and greatest thing that’s out there which you’d have never known about if it wasn’t for Groupon. But is this popular discount site actually making your life better, or is it costing more than it should?

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Pro: You’re in way better shape; Thanks to all those barre and pole fitness classes that Groupon opened your mind to, you’ve managed to find a workout regime that you can tolerate enough to complete several times a week. Thanks for helping me discover Crossfit and whatever form of martial arts is the new “it” thing, Groupon!

Con: You’re sore literally all the time; All those classes take a toll and your body just isn’t want it used to be. Who knew that being gym sore can happen weeks after you start a new activity? It’s just not fair!

Pro: You’re saving money even while still going out!; Being a shut-in might be good for your wallet, but it certainly isn’t good for your mental well-being. Groupon has solved this problem; you can totally hit up that new restaurant on date night because it’s 20% off if you do a little bit of advanced planning!

Con: You’re at the mercy of the GrouponIt’s not exactly romantic that a couponing website gets to choose where you have your special anniversary dinner. Practical, maybe; but don’t tell your SO where you found out about that new Mediterranean place…also, who’s really in the mood for Asian fusion as often as there’s a deal for it?  Guess that’s why it’s a Groupon

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Pro: You’re saving money on stuff you’d buy anyway; Groupon goods has a whole selection of stuff you need; and it’s definitely cheaper (and far more convenient) to acquire it through the site than to grab it at a retail joint. Ahoy, fleece-covered leggings and handy compression sleeves!

Con: You have far too much stuff now…; Since it’s a one-stop shop for pretty much anything you’ve ever considered needing, the temptation to over-buy is real. Couple that with the fact that most Groupons will send you multi-packs rather than single items, and you’ve got yourself a hoarder’s starter kit.

Pro: You never need to come up with a fun and exciting activity idea; because Groupon does it for you; Wanna try something new but aren’t sure what, and have literally no ideas about how to spend an evening on the town?  Groupon has got you covered! From drinking while making art at PaintNite to glass blowing classes, there’s a whole world of stuff to do in your city that Groupon has already figured out for you. Indoor skydiving, anybody?

Con: All those unused Groupons….; Groupon makes it so easy to buy an experience, and sometimes difficult to redeem that experience. Also: if you’re not paying careful attention to those expiration dates, you very well might get burned by them. “Shut up and take my money!” can quickly become “oh god, Groupon ate my paycheck” if you’re not careful…