Jen Selter’s Biggest Secrets

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Since about 2012, New Yorker Jen Selter has been making every day #humpday. Her humps, her humps, her lovely lady…lumps, have attracted plenty of attention, criticism and admiration. If you don’t know what we mean, just go through her Twitter, Facebook or Instagram pages and gawp at her physics-defying physique that blends a petite frame with an outrageous badonk. So just how does she do it?


Jen Selter Positioning

Getting into the right #belfie shape takes a massive slice of luck.That luck refers to having genes that give you a tight waist and a shapely derriere in the same body. According to Bret Contreras, co-author of Strong Curves, a lot of it comes down to the hand that you’re dealt from your ancestors’ gene pool. If you’re lucky, then all you need to do is fix your diet and work the right muscles out to ensure that bubble butt.


Jen Selter Routine

Even if you’re not blessed with the genetic disposition of Jen, you can still benefit from her routine. Her top five workouts are made up of donkey kicks, doggy hydrants, chair kicks, squat pulses and squat kicks. Do those three to five times a week and you’ll soon notice your glutes feeling tighter and more shapely. Make sure to switch from the elevator to walking up the stairs at work and you’ll be well on your way.

Lighting and Camera Work

jen selter lighting

A big factor in her rise to stardom is that she’s really good at posing for the camera. Just carefully positioning your body can accentuate your booty to make it look more rounded. One of the best moves is to have one of your legs slightly behind the other and to face the camera sideways. That, combined with good lighting can make the difference – they often to do for Jen.

Figure-Shaping Clothing

Jen Selter Clothing

Yoga pants and leggings definitely make your booty look more shapely. As can an undergarment like Spanx. While this can’t completely turn a bad booty into a good booty, it goes to a long way to helping. And that little bit of confidence can make sure you get the lift you need to pursue the more difficult fitness and diet aspects.

Other Factors

Jen Selter Food

Mainly diet. This is really important. Eat clean, get lean. If you work away enough of the fat around your hips and upper hamstring area you’ll see the benefits. Beyond diet, some have suggested Jen may have used booty-enhancing injections. But we’re not ones to pay attention to those awful rumours.