Jennifer Lawrence Isn’t Getting Any

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jennifer lawrence isn't getting any and we're shocked

Jennifer Lawrence Isn’t Getting Any?!

Jennifer Lawrence is quickly becoming our favourite celebrity. That’s aside from Shia LaBeouf, obviously. We love how she just says exactly what she wants whenever she feels like it. We especially love how much she revealed in her interview with Vogue for their December issue where she revealed that she’s currently in monk mode. As in, she’s not getting any of that good loving. Which fills us with sadness, but also some sort of hope that we’ll be volunteered as a tribute. Unlikely, right? Check out an excerpt from the article below:

Glasses of wine in hand, we head upstairs, and when we walk into the enormous master suite she makes a sweeping gesture toward the bed and says, “This is where the maaagic haaaappens.” Then she shoots me a get-real look. “Literally zero magic has happened in here.” She holds up her glass in a toast: “Cheers to my hymen growing back!”

jennifer lawrence isn't getting any nookie

Pretty open, isn’t she? We’re not sure she’s being completely serious. She’s one of the most beautiful and talented actors around today, so surely there’s a bunch of potential lovers getting in line to get with Katniss. But then again, she has just been through a break-up so she might just be taking a break from that scene. Better than that reveal was her preference to stay in and eat the exact same pizza I order when I’m hungover. Check it out:

Suddenly, her phone chimes with the gentle sound of a reminder. Lawrence stares at the screen for a split second and then looks at me. “We have to wrap this up because I have an interview with Jonathan Van Meter.” She laughs. “We blew our dinner reservation. Shall we just stay in and order a pizza?” Sure, I say. “Oh, thank God, I can take off my bra,” which she does right in front of me and then tosses it onto her bed. She texts Talley, trying to find the number of the pizza joint she loves. She orders us a large pie, with pepperoni and jalapeño with ranch dressing on the side (not nearly as bad as it sounds).

Just how awesome is she?

jennifer lawrence isn't getting any