4 People Who Were Bitten By Karma in 2015

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Martin Shkreli

Oh, Shkreli. You were definitely bitten by karma in 2015
Source: money.cnn.com

First up is this guy. He’s probably the most hated figure of 2015, right? The American entrepreneur hit headlines in August for increasing the price of a drug designed to treat Aids and cancer patients by 5,500%. Yep. From $13.50 to $750 per pill.

At first it looked like the villainous pharma CEO had Finally Got His Comeuppance when a competitor company decided to offer the same drug for just $1 per pill. Shkreli backed down, declaring he was going to lower the price of his drugs. He then went back on his promise. And it looked like we were back to square one.

But now, we’ve had proof that karma really does exist. The entrepreneur has recently been arrested, accused of securities fraud. He’s had to resign as chief executive of Turing Pharmaceuticals. And his Twitter account has now been hacked. Ahhh, karma. You da best.