You’ve Got To See This Kenan and Kel Reunion

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Ever since Kenan and Kel went off the air all those years ago our afternoons have been without any laughter whatsoever. I mean, who was really there to keep us laughing in the afternoon? So, you know, we kept touching the dial and leaving the room. But let us tell you about how we miss the mishaps and the hare-brained scheming of Kenan. And how much Kel loves orange soda.

Kenan and Kel Reunion

Well then we have to thank Jimmy Fallon for letting us relive some of our youth when he arranged for the duo to be reunited. In a Good Burger-style sketch Kel and Jimmy played a couple of deadbeat burger flippers while Kenan played a disgruntled customer. The scene played out in true Kenan and Kel fashion and showed off their timeless slapstick comedy that made them so popular in the 90s. It just made us miss them that much more. 

Is Is True?

Kenan and Kel Reunion

So what’s on the cards for the future? Could we see an actual Kenan and Kel reunion with a whole new TV series? That’s hard to say but Kel’s profile has been rising recently, ever since he appeared at the VMAs looking rather fly. And well, how do we say this…his reappearance also dispelled those lingering rumours about his demise and death. You know, the ones you heard on playgrounds in the 90s. Unless you were an adult in the 90s. In which case, we hope you didn’t hear them then. Unless you’re a teacher. Great. Glad we got that sorted. Previously, Kel has spoken about his failed attempt to join Kenan on the cast of SNL, but maybe the timing just wasn’t right then? Either way we hope that the public’s appreciation of the new skit will help them find the path to reunite and to film a few more episodes. Or for them to just fall in love. We’re just really desperate for something to happen. 

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