Teachers Reveal The Weirdest Things They’ve Seen Students Doing

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Kids are weird. Seriously weird. Even thinking back to some of the things I got up to when I was younger creeps me out. For weeks I walked around the house with a teapot in a toy pram, convinced it was my baby. Might explain my tea obsession 20 years on though…

Over on Reddit, teachers have been sharing their tales of the strangest things they’ve seen kids doing. From stories of students doing the unexpected, to recounts of children being generally freakin’ annoying, these tales will make you think twice about ever birthing a small human. We’ve listed some of our favourite stories below:

“One eighth-grader decided to perform an interpretive dance for everyone at the start of class. She was a quiet, sensitive kid so I just let her have her few minutes in the spotlight. She [got] reeeaaaally into it but it was very awkward to watch. All the other kids just stared at one another with a “WTF” expression on their faces.” – llamanoir

Kids are weird. Seriously.
We’re guessing the dance wasn’t as amazing as this. | Credit: giphy.com

“I had a student who wasted copious amounts of paper, staples, and tape by making hundreds of paper iPods and laptops. They were all kinds of different sizes and he coloured them and everything. When we did notes, he pretended to type the notes on his paper computer. He tried to sell them to the other kids but they wouldn’t pay him what he wanted. He moved on to paper swords and made a lot more money.” – NorseGirl5

“One of my mom’s third graders found a men’s shoe in his backpack one morning. Just one, not the pair. He didn’t have an adult male living in his house and seemed to genuinely have absolutely no clue where the shoe came from.” – JoosMoose

“Four boys in one of my periods have formed “BirdGang.” BirdGang consists of shouting “BIRDGANG” at random intervals, making bird noises, drawing birds on everything, and changing their last names to BirdGang (i.e. John BirdGang). They also have secret BirdGang handshakes that involve arm flapping. I hate BirdGang.” – suddensingularity

Kids are weird
Credit: tumblr.com

“One of my kids borrowed a pencil once, and then systematically ate the pencil. He was in seventh grade. He even chewed up the metal part until it was basically unrecognizable.” – HermioneWho

“I taught 4th grade in Honduras for one year. The kids were allowed to use the bathroom (in English) but they couldn’t ask RIGHT after lunch because it typically meant they just wanted to waste 5 more min of class playing outside. I said no to a kid one day so he stood up and peed into a bootle in the back of the classroom. I revoked the rule.” – crazy4improv

“My dad was a teacher in the 70s and 80s. He said a kid had somehow tied a hair around a housefly and was using it as a leash/”taking it for a walk” on his desk.” – als_pals

“I was sitting at a low table with a group of 3 year olds and the one nearest me bend her head to my hand that was on the table and started licking the back of my hand.” – inarizushi

Kids are weird

Yep. Kids are weird.

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