You’ll Never Guess Who Adopted This Rescue Kitten…

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Sometimes a tale comes along so smushingly heartwarming, that even the hard-faced meanies amongst us cannot help but wilt in affection. This is one of those tales. When reddit user MichaelMankus uploaded a series of photos documenting a rescue kitten’s unlikely friendship, the Internet melted a little bit with cuteness overload. And this is why….

Prepare to have your day significantly made.

This is the story of a little kitten called Komari. Here she is.

A heartwarming tale of a kitten and ferrets
Credit: MichaelMankus

She was found abandoned and all alone in the world with nothing but the fur on her back. At only five weeks old, she was scared and confused.

Who could have left this doe-eyed ball of infinite cuteness?

Luckily, her rescuers knew a bunch of super lovely animal friends that would help nurse Komari back to health. They took her home and introduced her to their six ferrets.

Who ever said a kitten and ferrets couldn't be friends?
Credit: MichaelMankus

The ferrets knew they had their work cut out. It’d be hard for Komari to trust again. She was left once, and what’s to say she wouldn’t be left again? The ferret brothers banded together and did what any caring ferret would do.

They cuddled her real good.

The most adorable kitten and ferrets hug
Credit: MichaelMankus

And they truly embraced her as one of their own.

Oh god. The kitten and ferrets are SPOONING.
Credit: MichaelMankus

A kitten and ferrets….who would have thought it?

The kitten and ferrets' home
Credit: MichaelMankus

Like any adorable rescue cat, Komari soon grew up. But instead of forgetting what her ferret bros did for her and going off on her own into the big cat world, she stayed right where she was and stayed BFF’s with her furry childhood companions.

They all remained inseparable, and did everything together.

Even eating. And just like humans, they didn’t like to share their food, happily keeping to their allocated bowls.

The kitten and ferrets even eat together. N'aww!
Credit: MichaelMankus

But they still had hugs ALL of the time.

Just another day in the life of a kitten and ferrets' den
Credit: MichaelMankus

Because that’s what true cat and ferret siblings do.

I want a kitten and ferrets hug
Credit: MichaelMankus
AGH. More kitten and ferrets spooning!
Credit: MichaelMankus

Komari, you’re the best.

This kitten and ferrets really are beyond adorable.
Credit: MichaelMankus


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