Watch This Time-Travelling Man Interview Himself

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Sorry for the attention-grabbing headline. It’s an affliction. Most of us writers are desperate for the attention. But it’s not a completely sensationalised headline. Because this video is really awesome. Sorry, more hyperbole. But let’s get to the actual time-travelling extravaganza. Damn, I can’t help it. Anyway, about the video: it’s a labour of love for filmmaker, actor and novelist Peter ‘Stoney’ Emshwiller, who has created this mesmerising film called Later That Same Life whereby his younger, 18-year-old self interviews the current 56-year-old him. Confused? You should be. Because this is part cinematography and part witchcraft.

Later That Same Life

Later That Same Life is a captivating piece of cinema and something that we’ve all dreamed of. Who hasn’t though about seeing their lives in the future or past, in order to dispense sage words or just have a look to see what it’s like? This work of art required some great forward-planning from Emshwiller, who in 1977 had to record hours and hours of interview questions, responses and reactions in order to make this work. Beyond doing just that, he’d have to have kept the original film safe and secure and ready to be manipulated today. That’s a really big undertaking.

The 18-year-old Emshwiller seemed confident beyond his years, asking wonderfully probing questions with a nice tongue-in-cheek angle. We know he had foresight, because he conceived of, and brought together this wonderful idea. The 56-year-old version has that same spark, but has grown more weary with time. You’ve got to watch the exchange to understand how subtle the exchanges are, and how realistic this is. The question about family got us right in the feels.

How can we support him?

later that same life

Well, Emshwiller, is of course, crowdfunding this film. If you are also enamoured by this project then you have the option to support it by going to his Rockethub page where you can donate to the cause. So far he’s generated about $15,000, which is already way above his goal of $10,000. But I’m sure the project could use some more support, whether that’s fiscal or not.

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