Guys, We Need To Talk About Leggings

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‘Fess up, ladies and gentlemen. How many of you have squeezed your thighs into a pair of leggings? Cotton ones, patterned ones, wet-look ones. It’s the trend that just doesn’t want to die.

Which is fine. We’re not completely against leggings, per se. They’re comfy, they’re easy to wear, and go with pretty much everything in our wardrobe. However, as leggings weather starts to roll round once more, there’s one thing we need to get off our chest.

A friendly reminder: leggings are not trousers

You think this would be pretty obvious, but the amount of butt we’ve had thrust in our faces (not literally, thankfully) suggests otherwise. And, thankfully, it’s not just us that is getting a little bit concerned about the amount of bum that’s set to make an appearance over the winter. It’s something that’s been in the news recently thanks to this viral video from one Tennessee woman. Just have a listen:

We understand the temptation to throw on a pair of leggings when you’re in a hurry. And the fact that they go with pretty much everything means that you can just pair them with anything, right? Wrong. Remember, leggings are not trousers. It doesn’t matter what size you are, by wearing leggings as trousers you run the risk of airing your nether regions to all and sundry. And if you’re into that, maybe you should look into avenues that pay for that…#justsayin’

While you may think that leggings and a cute t-shirt may be a good option, let’s take a look at what is really happening behind your back on the next few pages.