The New LEGO Advent Calendar Is Just AMAZING

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Ahead of the release of the highly anticipated Episode VII – The Force Awakens in December, Star Wars themed LEGO advent calendars are now available to buy online and they’re pretty darn AWESOME.

Gone are the days when we’d be content simply with picking up a calendar from an unheard of chocolate brand in the pound shop. The stakes have increased. The game has changed. We don’t just want chocolate anymore, we want lots of gloriously random things that are small enough to fit into a small square cardboard window. And yes, we’re happy getting 24 of whatever they may be.

Possibly the best LEGO advent calendar EVER
Credit: YouTube

There are several extremely exciting features with this year’s Star Wars calendar. Firstly, R2-D2 is wearing antlers. Like Rudolph. It’s pretty freaking awesome.

Who's your fave LEGO advent calendar figure?
Credit: YouTube

Last year, he was a Christmas tree, which was great too. But tbh, he didn’t really look much like the droid we know and love. Good effort though.

Last year's R2-D2 LEGO advent calendar figure

That guy in the sleigh looks pretty cool too. WAIT. Is that…..C-3PO? Disguised as Santa??

HO HO HO from C-3PO in the new LEGO advent calendar
Credit: YouTube

Man, he looks cool.

You even get a super-fun looking play mat. And really we should all take no notice of the 6-14 age guideline on the box, because we all know that it’s totally okay for adults to a) still have an advent calendar and b) play with LEGO.

The calendar description tells us that some of the figures included in the calendar are ‘appropriately dressed for the season’. Which makes us wonder what a figure ‘inappropriately dressed for the season’ would look like. We can only wait and find out in two months’ time. Oo-er.

Of course, LEGO advent calendars aren’t the only festive release we get excited about. Starbucks release their red cups on Friday 6 November, which pretty much marks the official start of Christmas. YAY! And it’s fine that America gets the Caramel Brûlée Latte. And the Chestnut Praline Latte. And the Peppermint Mocha. We’re not bitter. It’s not like they get everything else in the world before us *shakes fist in the air*. Bring on Christmas!

Second best Chrsitmas product, only to the LEGO advent calendar
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