Leonardo DiCaprio Has A Swedish Twin, Internet Freaking Out

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Back in the ’90s, it seemed that the whole world and his wife had a huge crush on Leonardo DiCaprio. Titanic had just been released. Everyone had been introduced to the blonde curtains and baby-face. I even had one friend who knew the exact moment to pause Titanic at in order to get maximum Leo face on the screen. Bit creepy since we were about 6 years’ old at the time. But my point still stands: In the ’90s, Leonardo DiCaprio was an utter babe. (He still is, we know.)

Anyone in agreement with this fact should probably move to Sweden right this instance. Because the country has a 21-year-old resident called Konrad Annerud – who’s pretty much the spitting image of ’90s Leo.

Don’t believe us? See Leonardo DiCaprio’s twin for yourself right here:

Finally 🍷🍝🇮🇹

A photo posted by Konrad Annerud (@konradannerud) on


A photo posted by Konrad Annerud (@konradannerud) on

The eyes! The thick brows! The whispers of curtain hair falling onto his face! The resemblance is uncanny. He’s got to be Leonardo DiCaprio’s twin, right? There’s no other explanation for it. We’re just glad someone saw sense and decided to clone this magnificent human.

And here’s a side-by-side comparison of the two. Can you guess which is which?

Leonardo DiCaprio's twin: Can you guess which is which?

What do we know about Leonard DiFakerio?

Unsurprisingly, Konrad has quickly attracted a flock of admirers, particularly on Instagram. Since the news of his similarity to everybody’s favourite actor broke, Leonard DiCaprio’s twin has added a further 100,000 Instagram followers to his page. Not bad for a young nightclub bartender. Fans are lapping up his dapper pictures, smouldering stares, sharp dress sense and (regularly) topless shots. And it seems Konrad is more than happy to go along with it for now.

He told Swedish outlet nyheter24.se: “I get to hear that I look like him quite often, especially since I work as a bartender in a nightclub,” adding that people often call him Leo.

“But it’s fun to be like him, he’s handsome,” he said about the actor. Don’t we know it. And at least he knows what he’s going to look like in 20 years’ time.

Looking like a ’90s heartthrob? Some people have all the luck. But it turns out that it’s not all fun and games for Leonardo DiCaprio’s twin. Konrad explained to Nyheter: “It’s much worse when I am abroad. When I was in Italy last summer, I kind of felt like I wanted to shave off my hair. It was chaos.” Woah woah woah WOAH. No matter how bad it gets Konrad, please promise us one thing: never touch the hair. We beg you.

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