5 Things The Simpsons Taught Us

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Over the years, we’ve grown up with the lovable yellow family whose antics seem to so closely mirror so many of our life experiences. We’ve all learned so many lessons from The Simpsons that it’s difficult to come up with the most important ones; but here are five that absolutely stuck with us:

1) Be who you are; even if that’s unpopular and weird.

lessons from the simpsons: be yourself

Being your own person and marching to your own drumbeat will make you happy in the long-run, and happiness is what makes life worth living. There will always be people around who nay-say and people who disagree with you, but in the immortal words of T-Swift “the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate”. Whether you want to be a vegetarian in a family of meat-eaters, or the nicest neighborly-weighborly in a town full of negative Nancies, this first of the many lessons from The Simpsons tells us: you do you and it may all, eventually, come up Milhouse.

2) Money doesn’t buy happiness

lessons from the simpsons: mr burns isn't happy but is rich

Mister Burns might be the richest man in all of Springfield, but he certainly isn’t the most satisfied or fulfilled. The second of the most important lessons from The Simpsons dictates: while oodles of bucks can buy you material goods (and enough puppies to make into a wardrobe full of vests), money isn’t a viable substitute for the things that really matter in life.

3) You can resolve issues with music

lessons from the simpsons: musicals are better

Some of the most memorable episodes of The Simpsons were ones that featured a catchy musical interlude which, inevitably, stuck with us for decades (much like the more serious life lessons from The Simpsons). The residents of Springfield certainly knew how to make us remember the plot to A Streetcar Named Desire, and also the best way to sell a monorail to a doubting populace. When in doubt: sing it out!

4) Friends are important, but don’t go changing yourself to hang onto them

lessons from the simpsons: homer loves his friends at moe's

Where would Homer be without the gang at Moe’s and what would Bart be like without Milhouse? Friends make life worth living, and one of the lessons from The Simpsons that stuck closest to us was to cherish our besties. But there’s such a thing as taking it too far: any friend who asks you to change for them isn’t worth having; just ask Marge how it felt to come home after striving to fit in at the country club.

5) Family matters most; they will always be there for you and always stick up for you

lessons from the simpsons: families are important

Even if they’re weird beyond belief, even if they’re so different from you as to be nearly unrecognizable as “family”, even if you don’t always fundamentally understand each other, your family is comprised of the people who love you the best.  That’s vital to have in this crazy thing called life, and no matter what happens you need to keep them close and love them with all of your might.  This is one of the most important lessons from The Simpsons that we picked up over the years. After all, your family puts up with your weirdness as much as you put up with theirs.

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