These Letters to Santa Will Make You Cry-Laugh

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When I was a little boy, and the devil would call my name…Wait, no, wrong post. When I was a little boy, I always wanted to write to Satan. No, dammit. Let me try one last time. When I was a little boy, I really wanted to write to Santa, but my mum would never let me. I’m not sure why. We never really believed in Santa. Well, maybe for about 15 or so minutes. And you know what? I still feel so sad about it. So I needed a way to live vicariously. So I’m really, really glad I stumbled upon these hilarious letters to Santa.

They Call It Puppy Love

letters to santa 1

This is so utterly adorable. This little girl not only sends Santa a letter, but she also offers him an addendum. She doesn’t want those nine things she previously told her father/dad/man, but actually she just wants a puppy. It makes her sadder and sadder thinking about not getting a puppy. I really hope Santa delivered.