Lionel Messi Caught With His Pants Down

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Things are starting to get a bit Messi for our friend Lionel. Despite being injured, he’s been caught with his pants down. Figuratively. No we mean figurine-tively. Because the world’s best player (sorry Ronaldo) has been immortalised in one of the most hilarious ways possible.

You What?

lionel messi and cristiano ronaldo caganers

Alright, alright. We’re actually referring to an ancient Catalan tradition known as ‘caganers’, which quite literally means, ‘crappers’. I mean, I think you can tell why by just casting your eyes over the pictures. The tradition actually sees these figurines placed in traditional nativity scenes in order to bring hope and prosperity for the new year. They’re meant to symbolise some sort of fertility. Bowel fertility? I’m not sure.

The original caganer depicted a young peasant boy that was dressed to the nines in traditional Catalan garb, including a wonderful red beret. But as the tradition started to expand, the caganers have been remodelled to feature famous sports stars, politicians and more.

Yes, there’s a David Cameron one. No there’s no pig involved.

Anyway, you should take a look through the next few pages for the full pictures. They’re ridiculous.