NYC’s Subway Is Currently Draped In Nazi Symbols

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I Did Nazi That Coming

It’s probably a day you never thought you’d see. But now you have. Because for some absolutely crazy reason, international bookshop-slayers Amazon have been allowed, by the MTA, to print Nazi flags and paraphernalia all over New York City’s subway. Yep, we’re not joking. Someone (or rather, some people) thought this was a good idea. People actually spent a lot of money on this. It was approved by at least two companies (Amazon and MTA) and no-one had any issue with it. Doesn’t that just blow your mind?

So you think that’s bad, but imagine being one of the 2 million people who belong to the Jewish faith that live in one of the five boroughs. Imagine the sickening feeling when you encounter the symbols of your people’s oppression on your commute home. I mean, it’s not just Jews who have to contend with this utterly moronic decision. But I think it’s especially toxic for older Jews and those who have escaped the persecution of the Nazis. I despair thinking about it, I really do. Why not just stick a couple of swastikas around, too?

The Man in the High Castle

But that all pales in comparison to the fact this whole stunt was just conducted in order to advertise Amazon’s new adaptation of the controversial Philip K. Dick novel ‘The Man in the High Castle‘. The novel takes place in a dystopian alternate universe where it’s the Nazis who prevail over the Allies in World War 2. That sees the rise of Germany as the global power in the world with some pretty awful consequences.

The annoying thing is that this advertising stunt is going to take some people away from what is a really good TV show. Maybe Donald Trump can just claim this as part of his campaign to become the republican candidate for presidency? Maybe he’ll end up being The Man in the High Castle? That’s definitely more terrifying than the original novel.

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