Bad News, McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast Isn’t Coming To UK

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Ronald McDonald and his merry band of burger-mongers have finally caved in. October 6th 2015 is an historic day – at least if you’re in America – where you will finally be able to pass through the golden arches at any time and rightfully demand an egg McMuffin and a hash brown. On October 5th that behaviour will most likely get you kicked out, but on October 6th Americans will be able to enjoy greasy self-deprecating breakfasty goodness without restriction.

McDonald's breakfast will be served all day in the USA from October 6th

After the mass hysteria of the announcement subsided, us Brits naturally asked “when will it be mine turn?”. A lot of places reported that there’d be a UK expansion very soon, however the PR team from McDonald’s have actually indicated there aren’t any plans to roll it out over here. SO THEY NEED TO HURRY UP AND MAKE THOSE PLANS. BECAUSE WE’RE LOSING OUR FREAKING MINDS.

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