This Guy Is Hilariously Trolling The Metro Newspaper

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Cringy? Fake? Pointless? These are all words that we could use to accurately sum up the ‘Missed Connections’ pages in newspapers. Does anyone ever actually take them seriously anymore? If you see a hot guy on the Tube, is your first reaction seriously, ‘I’ll hunt him down by putting an advert in the paper’?

Enter Seamas O’Reilly, the Metro newspaper troll.

This Irish-born, London-residing writer and musician has decided to breathe hilarious new life into the UK newspaper’s Metro’s ‘Missed Connections’ section – and the results are incredible. For months now Seamas has been targeting the ‘Rush Hour Crush’ and ‘Good Deed Feed’ sections with fake submissions. Just take a look at some of his most epic trolling moments:

Metro newspaper troll: we would actually pay to see this happen in real life.
Metro newspaper troll: His submissions to the Metro paper are bound to cheer commuters up
Metro newspaper troll: Subtle and funny – but we do wonder how some of these managed to slip through The Metro's net
Metro Newspaper troll: The Irish man takes on different personas for the submissions
Metro Newspaper troll: Some of his submissions are ridiculously subtle
Metro newspaper troll: Would you believe these if you saw them in the paper?

Seamas told that when he moved to London he became obsessed with ‘Rush Hour Crush’. So much so, that he was determined to write some of his own submissions. He also added, “It’s also a very satisfying way of writing short fiction that can be read by 3 million people the next day.” Smart guy.

It turns out that he’s also ridiculously ambitious. Just take this, for example – his most successful day so far was when he managed to get both a Rush Hour Crush and a Good Deed Feed published on the same day. And the best thing about them was the fact they describe the same event from different angles:

Metro newspaper troll: Seamas had this printed in the crush section...
Metro newspaper troll: he's managed some pretty epic feats during his experiment

What a champ.

The real skill, he admits, is in submitting stories that are both funny and believable enough to get published. It’s a hard slog, but we reckon he’s done pretty darn well. So far he’s had almost 20 published, with almost double that denied by the paper. Such spoilsports. Luckily for us, he’s put all his printed and rejected submissions up on his website, so we’ll always have some reading material to hand on our commute.

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