Watch as Mike Tyson Gets Knocked Down By Unexpected Opponent

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When I was younger, Mike Tyson wasn’t just a funny man with a lisp who you hired to appear in your stupid new comedy. He was actually one of the best boxers of his generation. And a force of nature. Well, until he was convicted with a rape charge. And that time he bit off bits of Evander Holyfield’s ears.

In his prime he was famed for his flawless brawler style that led him to 50 victories. Of those 50 victories, 44 were knockouts. So it should come as no surprise that Mike Tyson has been involved in another knockout in this past few days. The surprise element is that it was him being knocked out. By a ‘hoverboard’.

Hoverboards? Hoverboard?! They don’t hover!

Mike Tyson's hoverboard fail

Now, before we get onto Iron Mike and the hilarity of the video. We need to discuss the term hoverboard. Because it really bothers us. Ever since watching Back to the Future 2 for the first ever time we’ve dreamed of one day being able to ride a hoverboard. So we were excited when we heard people starting to refer to them becoming a thing. Fast forward a few months till we saw our first ever hoverboard and us wailing at the inhumanity at play. These things are NOT hoverboards. They’re ‘balance boards’ or Segways for 14 year olds.

Mike Tyson gets knocked the eff out

Anyway, back on track to the topic at hand. Yes, this is a video of Mike Tyson getting knocked out by a balance board. And it’s just utterly amazing. The 11-second clip was posted to Twitter yesterday and has attracted more than 30,000 retweets as of this morning. The video shows Mike riding his daughter’s balance board quite well before suddenly jittering, losing balance and crashing down to the floor with the bang of a heavyweight boxer. It’s definitely balance board 1, Mike Tyson 0. Victory by TKO.

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