Millennials of New York is the Parody Account You Need to Follow

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So I was totes going to write this up earlier but I had to drop into my local artisan coffee shop to get my daily latte art, all while juggling a phone call to mother and father about my weekly allowance. Yah, it’s like, sooo hard being a Millennial.

When you think about it, Generation Y is so ripe for making fun of; it’s a surprise that the Millennials of New York parody pages have only just sprung up.

Based on the insanely popular Humans of New York, the Millennials offshoot has already racked up over 90,000 followers, and is quickly going viral. Set up on Instagram and Facebook, the page is a subtle yet hilarious satire of modern life, poking fun at everything Millennials hold dear – from a couple’s love of Netflix (“It’s amazing, we barely even have to think about how much we hate each other”) to our fondness for animals (“Just being adorable doesn’t cut it anymore”).

Not even cuddly animals are exempt. One impossibly cute bichon frise puppy is pictured ‘talking’ about its desire to one day be a meme. Keep going, little puppy. We hear disabilities are in at the moment…