Nick Lachey Could Become The ‘Weed Kingpin’ Of Ohio. Seriously.

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Ahh, Nick Lachey. What has he been up to since his 98 Degrees days? Well, aside from a spot of presenting, some one-off gigs and a new marriage to model/actress/singer Vanessa Minnillo, it seems Lachey has got a bit of a side-project going on. The former US boyband star now owns one of 10 farms that could be allowed to control all large-scale marijuana cultivation in the state of Ohio. Well, that’s if residents vote to legalise marijuana later today.

Yeah, Nick Lachey. We would be smiling too if we were about to come into a £110m fortune
Nick Lachey: weed kingpin? | Credit:

We had to do a bit of research when we first read about this. Do they actually mean Nick Lachey? Jessica Simpson’s ex? The ’90s boybander? Seriously? And yes. We can confirm it is the same person. Who would have thought it?

Here’s Lachey himself trying to persuade Ohio voters to legalise marijuana:

So, just how could Nick Lachey benefit if Ohio votes to legalise marijuana? Well, the owners of 10 specifically designed farms (including Nick) have each had to stump up some money in order to bring the ballot initiative into existence. And if marijuana is legalised, only those farm owners will be allowed to grow marijuana – and the 1,100 state-regulated marijuana shops in Ohio would have to buy from those 10 farms. Lachey’s 29-acre investment would therefore provide him with a huge windfall. One study has even suggested that within four years the 10 farms could be selling $1.1bn worth of marijuana every year. That’s roughly $110 million per person! From farming! I need to move to Ohio pronto and invest me in some farms.

Nick Lachey could be looking at a mighty fine windfall
Could this be Nick Lachey in a few years? | Credit:

How likely is it that marijuana will be legalised in Ohio?

By this we mean ‘how likely is it that Nick Lachey will become Ohio’s weed kingpin?’ Because that’s what we’re really interested in.

There really is no telling which way the vote could swing. As BuzzFeed pointed out, ‘no state has passed a legalization initiative that so wholly places control of the supply in the hands of the people who paid for the legalization effort.’ There’s also been a whole bunch of people who are campaigning against it. Plus there’s a whole other ballot being voted on regarding the banning of the creation of a monopoly, oligarchy or cartel such as the group of farmers Lachey belongs to. If both get voted through, things could get even more interesting.

We’ll be awaiting the results of the vote with bated breath. We’re just completely sold on the idea of Nick Lachey as a weed kingpin. That would definitely be a few rungs up the ladder from ’90s boyband heartthrob.’

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