No Man’s Sky Is Revolutionising Gaming

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Since its captivating E3 demo, No Man’s Sky has made its way onto the wish lists of gamers across the world. Some are already calling it the game of the decade. Here are a few ways No Man’s Sky pushes the boundaries of gaming to new frontiers:

It’s Big


Each time you load up the game, you’ll dive into a nearly limitless universe generated according to complex mathematics. And while the game supports online play, you probably won’t run into anyone else for (in-game) light years.

Everyone Crafts Their Own Story


There are no plotlines, cutscenes or paths; no good or bad endings, and no fixed bosses to battle. What you accomplish in No Man’s Sky is entirely up to you. With a universe just short of infinity, every player has the opportunity to discover and name a planet, uncover a new species, and immortalize their name in No Man’s history.

What You See Is What You Can Explore


In other games, the background exists for completeness. But in No Man’s Sky, nearly every dot in the sky is a place in the game you can explore, granted you have the required ship and suit upgrades.

Life Is Rare, and Yours Is in Danger


The universe isn’t kind, and No Man’s Sky slaps players with a dose of cosmic reality. Most planets are devoid of life. Some are spheres of poison. Others are so radioactive you’ll die in minutes without the proper gear. Still, there are riches to be found even on desolate lands, and the day-and-night system keeps things interesting with different creatures that wake at different times.

It’s Not All Fun and Games


While there’s lots to explore, the universe doesn’t belong to you. Galactic police and Sentinels roam the stars. If you farm a planet dry, they’ll come after you. Factions of space armies are constantly in conflict, and you can choose to side with them or blast them into hyperspace – but they’ll remember.

New Creatures Are Everywhere


From shape to colour to calls to feeding habits, unique animals inhabit every sustainable planet. The game generates food chains according to animal characteristics, and you may well find yourself at the bottom.

There’s a Tune for Everything


Different tracks from 65daysofstatic will play depending on your location and actions. At times you’ll hear clips; at other times full songs.

The sky belongs to no man. How will you plan your journey?